Getting Started to the Road of Wellness: The Pursuit of Health

Becoming well in body, mind and spirit is not nearly as difficult as it seems. Wellness is about "coming home" taking up residence inside your body once again. Wellness is not a matter of accumulating something rather, it is realized by removing things that prevent you from achieving your natural state of health. If you are looking for a health and wellness environment where the individual is treated with great respect and attention, this is exactly what you will find at New Hope Chiropractic Clinic. Our ultimate goal is to honor the interdependence of your body, mind and spirit, and primarily your body's innate healing wisdom, by offering you natural treatments and services that remove interference to optimal health.

Traditional "symton-driven" medical profession, which you are accustomed to, may have you believed that there is no such thing as natural healing. Interestingly, now that natural, "alternative" techniques are being scientifically proven, many primary care physicians and even pharmaceutical companies are playing catch up by adding a smattering of "alternative" techniques and supplements to their "arsenal" as they anticipate losing their reign on health care dollars.

Rather than curing patients with just drugs, our unique approach to wellness at New Hope Chiropractic Clinic (NHCC) is to assist individuals in maintaining optimal health using scientifically sound, natural, integrated health and wellness care. Many people are now seeking more involvement with their healthcare seeking out doctors, healers and teachers who can help them to become more proactive. That is exactly who you will find at NHCC our goal is to partner with you as an active, self-responsible participant.

Although much of Western medicine is grounded in resolving specific health problems only after serious symptoms or injuries arise, the staff at NHCC prefer to see the individuals embrace a health and wellness program that considers prevention rather than only acute pain and suffering. The immune system is your first line of defense against disease; we strongly advocate strengthening your immune system "consciously", giving you a much better chance of maintaining whole-body health. Following natural treatments that gradually treat presenting symptoms, we encourage our patients to embrace an integrated program that makes intelligent, simple changes that improve health, eliminate reoccurrence of symptoms and prevents disease before the body's system fails you.

Researches from CDC and the American College of Sports medicine show that 40% of adults engage in no leisure-time physical activity of any kinds and 12% of all leading causes to major illnesses (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer) or even death are caused by a lack of physical activity. Recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data also show that 9% of all U.S. medical expenses are contributed to obesity and its indirect costs such as loss of wages and/or disability.

At NHCC, we encourage all patients in aerobic exercise and diet programs. We will guide you to access those programs. We believe the ultimate goals of aerobic exercise is for cardiovascular health and endurance traininig for better metabolism in the body so that more calories can be burned to yield a healthy muscle tissue. Along with the needs of your unique spinal condition(s), we will recommend you for a diet that provides proper "portion size" and then correct any nutrient deficiency by getting freshy organic foods and/or low levels of vitamin or minerals. The key is to have a proper nutrition, good exercise, and a balanced diet but not "overeat" and eventually, your ideal body weight will be enhanced.

Keep in mind:

Our overall goal is to offer integrated treatment and services vs. limit our treatments to battle isolated symptoms only

We encourage you to become a partner with your own body, not an adversary; and to do a better job of nurturing your life force and your vitality

  • We believe it really matters how you live, what you do, what you eat, and what you think and feel.
  • We believe that the concept of universal health is not concerned about who you are, where you live, and what your economic or social status is, but rather, it is the focus of how you act responsibly or irresponsibly at all times.
  • At New Hope Chiropractic Clinic, we provide professional services that empower you to be healthy from the "inside out" and the friendly environment that supports you to maximize your wellness goals.
  • Take control of your life today and do what you can to be vital, healthy and happy!